Friday, December 10, 2010

New releases

Two new releases arrived this week that are of importance to the legal philosophy field and moral/political philosophy in general.  First, Ronald Dworkin's Justice for Hedgehogs has finally hit the public.  I was able to read bits and pieces through manuscripts available via his NYU Colloquium, but I am eager to read it in its entirety.  This is more universal in scope, setting forth Dworkin's general theory of value, touching on everything from meta-ethics, to equality, to political and legal philosophy.  Second, Scott Shapiro's Legality finally arrived.  I am excited to read this, for his work has inspired much of my current interests in analytic legal philosophy (although more of a reaction than an inspiration).  Unfortunately, I am really busy over the next few weeks, so I won't be able to sink my teeth into these for a little while.  Nevertheless, I am still excited to get after it soon enough.

UpdateLarry Solum on Legality:

I've read multiple versions of several chapters, an earlier version of almost the whole book, and most recently the uncorrected page proofs. I feel confident that Legality is one of the very best books in general jurisprudence in many many years; it will certainly be on my list of ten selections from the Legal Theory Bookworm from 2010.  I suspect that Legality will be become a standard work for students of law and philosophy.  It is both deep and clear.
Everyone who engages in the academic study of law should read Legality--it is that important.  Buy it and read it!

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