Monday, December 13, 2010

In Which I Add Perspective

Andrew Sullivan writes:

Anthony Fowler and Ryan D. Enos asked Americans to pretend they could buy a congressional seat for their preferred party:

In a recent YouGov survey, we gave respondents a hypothetical scenario. “Suppose that you alone could determine whether a Democrat or a Republican represents your Congressional district by paying a specific dollar amount? How much would you be willing to pay to ensure that a Congressman from your preferred party will win the office?” We expected that most Americans would place a high value on the party of their Congressmen. Shockingly, 55% of respondents said “ZERO” -- they would not pay even $1 to place their preferred party in power.

The lesson they draw:

[W]e have little evidence that Americans care about politics. They often say that they are interested in politics but they won’t put their money where the mouth is – even hypothetical money.

The second paragraph doesn't follow first. One can care deeply about politics and still be unwilling to pay for an electoral outcome on the grounds that it would undermine democracy.

I will offer another perspective - I would be unwilling to pay any amount because I view the illegitimate attempt by the State to coercible usurp power over me as immoral and in violation of my natural right of liberty and, derivatively, self-determination and self-governance. It matters not to me whether a criminal claims affiliation with the democons or the republicrats.

As always - End the Fed, Abolish the government

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