Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving football

As a Giants fan, I face a predicament on this day of gluttony and football: do I pull for the Saints or the hated Cowboys?  We will (hopefully) be competing for a Wild Card spot and the Saints will be right there battling us, so we need the Saints to lose.  But it's the Cowboys.  How can I (or any self-respecting non-Texan) ever root for the Cowboys?  Pretty tough spot here, although not nearly as bad as the nightmare that was the Phillies-Yankees World Series (I am a Mets fan).  Danger, what do I do??


  1. Hume - obviously the game is over, but I'm willing to throw all pride out the window in circumstances such as these ... I was pulling for Dallas

  2. Definitely easier to do that with Kitna behind center then when Romo is taking the snaps ...